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    Chemical resistance guide

    SHIELD Scientific has developed one of the most comprehensive chemical resistance guides, to help users in their risk assessments for evaluating personal protection to chemical exposure.

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    An easy way to find your glove

    Whatever your lab or cleanroom issue involving your hands protection or/and your working environment protection, you should find easily the appropriate glove using our gloves selection guide. But remember that a unique disposable glove will never provide protection in all applications, whatever its specifications and its quality (Type, material, thickness, length, cleanliness…). With our glove selection guide, you’ll be able to select single-use gloves’ type according to your environment, your gloves specifications requirements, whatever the nature of the contamination risk or chemical or biological hazards or the hazardous material handled, the task, the worker, and the workplace. Health and safety are of utmost importance, and this requires providing appropriate protective gloves to laboratory and cleanroom workers to meet your compliance, comfort and protection needs.