SHIELDskin XTREME™ White Nitrile 300 DI++

    DI++Extreme contamination control

    Non-sterile cleanroom glove - Category III PPE glove - Ambidextrous powder-free white nitrile glove - AQL 1.5 - standard length.

    300 mm long nitrile gloves, high grip, multi DI washed for a particles level < 850 particles/cm², packed in PE bag, for high cleanroom contamination control such as the semiconductor and high-tech industries.

    Glove details

    Material Nitrile
    Technology uniSHIELD™
    Sterility Non-sterile
    Length 305 mm/ 12.0"
    Palm thickness 0.14 mm/ 5.5 mil
    Colour White
    Design Ambidextrous
    Textured fingertips
    Chemical performance Type B
    Biological Protection AQL 1.5
    Level 2
    Virus resistant
    Chemotherapy drugs N/A
    Double-gloving N/A
    Mechanical protection N/A
    ESD Yes
    Allergy Latex-free
    Double chlorination
    Silicone free
    Washing cycles Online only: Regular leaching process + Offline washing in deionised water
    Silicone-free Yes
    Endotoxins N/A
    Particles level (Specification) < 850 particles/cm² > 0.5 µm
    Particles level (Typical value) 600 particles
    GMP Grade Grade C/D
    Cleanroom class ISO 3 & ISO 4 (< 850 per cm²≥ 0.5 µm max.)

    Cleanroom applications

    Aeronautics and space

    Optics-Precision mechanics




    Life sciences



    Sizes and references

    69 8851 6/XS
    69 8852 7/S
    69 8853 8/M
    69 8854 9/L
    69 8855 10/XL
    69 8856 11/XXL

    Packaging : 100 gloves per double sealed PE bag - 10 double sealed PE bags per tied carton liner - 1 tied carton liner per carton = 1000 gloves.

    Size of the carton : 330 mm (Length) x 325 mm (Width) x 325 mm (Height). 45 cartons per pallet.


    Gloves selection

    With the SHIELD Scientific product brand code, select the right gloves is now an easy exercise.