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    duoSHIELD™ brand offers nitrile and latex gloves initially intended for general use in the laboratory against limited risks and for patient care. With an AQL of 0.65 to 1.5, these disposable gloves of 240 mm and 290 mm length are specifically designed to provide health sector personnel protection with the emphasis on comfort at the optimal cost.

    Gloves that are dual registered for personal and patient protection


    duoSHIELD™ nitrile and latex single-use gloves are dual registered meaning these single-use gloves are both registered as Medical Device Class I (MDR Regulation EU 2017/745) and PPE Cat III (PPE Regulation EU 2016/425). Hence the reference to “duo” or dual protection, as protection of the patient AND protection of the medical staff are both of utmost importance.

    Packed by 100 or 200 in cardboard dispenser, the duoSHIELD™ gloves range of Latex and nitrile exam gloves offer an excellent compromise between optimal quality and cost. All duoSHIELD™ single-use gloves are Type B for chemical protection ( ISO 374-1:2016+A1:2018). The extended cuff of the duoSHIELD™ PFT Nitrile 290 blue gloves offer higher forearm protection of the laboratory technicians.


    For users wearing disposable gloves many hours per working day, comfort is often at the top priority of the criteria used to select gloves. Comfort is related as well as gloves’ breathability as dexterity to perform a task. Thus, SHIELD Scientific is constantly working with users to develop new technologies improving wellbeing without compromising protection against risks faced in laboratory and health environments.

    Biohazards protection

    duoSHIELD™ gloves are tested to demonstrate compliance with ISO 374-5:2016 for protection against biohazards. duoSHIELD™ gloves are microorganism resistant as demonstrated by an Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) of 0.65 or 1.5 (in conformance with EN 455-1:2020 “Requirements and Testing for Freedom from holes” and ISO 374-2:2019 Level 2 or 3). duoSHIELD™ gloves are also virus resistant based on the viral penetration test (ISO 16604:2004 Procedure B).


    The duoSHIELD™ powder-free natural rubber latex gloves contain 50µg/g or less of total water extractable protein based on the Modified Lowry Method (EN 455-3:2015 /ASTM D5712-15 (2020)) to limit the risk of allergy. All duoSHIELD™ nitrile gloves are Latex-free and powder-free to limit allergy risks.

    Excellent compromise between optimal quality and cost

  • duoSHIELD™ gloves are dual registered: PPE cat III (Regulation (EU) 2016/425) and MDR Class I (Regulation (EU) 2017/745).
  • For general use in laboratory and patient care activities.
  • Type B gloves for chemical protection in the laboratory according to ISO 374-1:2016+A1:2018.
  • AQL 0,65 or 1,5 for barrier effectiveness (ISO 374-2:2019), protection against micro-organisms (ISO 374-5:2016) and virus resistant (ISO 1660 :2004 Procedure B). offering the perfect first line of defence for the end-users seeking for the best compromise between Comfort, Protection and Cost optimization.

  • A range from 0,08 mm to 0,14 palm thickness and 240 mm or 290 mm length offering the perfect first line of defence for the end-users seeking for the best compromise between Comfort, Protection and Cost optimization. 
  • Dual registration:

    duoSHIELD™ gloves are registered as a Class 1 Medical Device (MDR) according to Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (Applicable norms are EN 455-1:2020, EN 455-2:2015, EN 455-3:2015 and EN 455-4:2009). 

    duoSHIELD™ gloves are also registered as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Category III (Complex Design) according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

    Brand signature: Blue for dual risk

    Exam gloves for laboratory general use and for patient protection

    Latex gloves and nitrile gloves

    Non sterile gloves

    Maximum comfort

    Compliance with the latest European standards

    Category III PPE gloves (PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425)

    Class 1 MDR (Regulation (EU) 2017/745)

    Length 240 mm minimum

    Biohazard: ISO 374-5:2016

    Biosafety: AQL 0.65 or 1.5 (EN 455-1:2020 and ISO 374-2:2019 Level 2 or 3)

    Virus resistant (ISO 16604:2004 Procedure B)

    Type B - Tested for chemical permeation according to ISO 374-1:2016+A1:2018 (Test method EN 16523-1:2015+A1:2018)

    Reduced risk of allergies

    Packaging designed to comply with the requirements of laboratory and medical environments



    Chemotherapy handling


    Medical devices


    Optics-Precision mechanics

    Solar-renewable energies


    Life sciences



    General industry


    Food industry


    Machinery and equipment

    Centrale Sterile Service Department (CSSD)


    Oil and gas