duoSHIELD™ LPS Latex 240

    BLUEDual risk

    Medical glove, exam glove, Protective glove, laboratory glove - Class 1 MDR/PPE Cat. III glove - Ambidextrous lightly powdered natural rubber latex glove - AQL 1.5 - standard

    Thin 240 mm natural Latex disposable gloves providing comfort and dexterity during extended wear without compromising with protection and safety in general workplace.

    Glove details

    Material Natural Rubber Latex
    Technology uniSHIELD™
    Sterility Non-sterile
    Length 240 mm/ 9.4"
    Palm thickness 0.11 mm/ 4.3 mil
    Colour Natural colour
    Design Ambidextrous
    Smooth finish
    Lightly powdered
    Chemical performance Type B
    Biological Protection AQL 1.5
    Level 2
    Virus resistant
    Chemotherapy drugs N/A
    Double-gloving N/A
    Mechanical protection N/A
    ESD N/A
    Allergy Latex proteins < 200 µg/g
    Free of Thiazoles and Thiurams
    Single chlorination
    Washing cycles Online only - Regular leaching process
    Silicone-free No
    Endotoxins N/A
    Particles level (Specification) N/A
    Particles level (Typical value) N/A
    GMP Grade N/A
    Cleanroom class N/A


    Life sciences


    General industry




    Sizes and references

    65 1121 6/XS
    65 1122 7/S
    65 1123 8/M
    65 1124 9/L
    65 1125 10/XL

    Packaging : 100 gloves per dispenser - 10 dispensers per carton = 1000 gloves.

    Size of the carton : 435 mm (Length) x 267 mm (Width) x 257 mm (Height). 54 cartons per pallet.


    Gloves selection

    With the SHIELD Scientific product brand code, select the right gloves is now an easy exercise.