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    Protect your future.

    ecoSHIELD™ brand offers disposable Latex or Nitrile gloves that are registered as Category III PPE and presenting an extra-length of 250 mm. With AQL 0,25 or 0,65, these Type B single-use gloves are a good compromise between ecological and economic solution in the laboratory without compromising with protection.

    Glove's compromise between personal and environmental protection


    ecoshield™ gloves are ECO-logic and ECO-nomic solution for laboratory workers seeking greener solutions for their working environment without extra-costs.

    Nowadays, companies need to demonstrate their responsibility for preserving the environment and biodiversity by taking actions to mitigate the impact of their activity and procurement. There are many opportunities to improve our environmental impact: choose products with recyclable or recycled packaging, prefer maritime freight to air freight (which is known to be ten times more polluting), incinerate gloves to produce energy (note that most of disposable gloves are considered as contaminated products after usage and cannot be disposed in a landfill). Always bear in mind that to preserve our mutual environment, it is of utmost importance to use "The right glove for the right application, only when it is necessary”.


    ecoshield™ gloves packaging represents a more environmentally sensitive solution as manufactured from recycled cardboard. The use of recycled cardboard reduces by half CO² emissions per kg of produced cardboard. Simple design provides a natural look. The amount of printing on the packaging has been reduced by over 60%. The de-inking stage of the recycling process is the most polluting part.


    With our ecoSHIELD™ Eco Nitrile PF 250 gloves you can easily incorporate the savings on storage space, reducing packaging waste (enhanced design means that 50% more gloves can be packaged in the same volume, 30% cardboard saved to pack ecoSHIELD™ Eco Nitrile PF 250 gloves this represents half a tree for every million gloves packed) and reducing deliveries in your sustainable management which contributes to a 700kg reduction in CO² emissions for every 1000 cases delivered.


    ecoSHIELD™ Eco Latex PF 250 single-use gloves are made from Natural rubber Latex which is a "renewable resource" extracted from the Hevea Brasiliensis trees. It is the primary raw material used in the manufacture of single-use gloves. In addition, Natural rubber Latex offers elongation properties appreciated in tasks requiring dexterity and comfort without compromising with personal protection.

    ECO-logical & ECO-nomic gloves solution in the laboratory

  • ecoSHIELD™ gloves are registered according to the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and MDR Regulation (EU) 2017/745.
  • Type B gloves for chemical protection in the laboratory according to ISO 374-1:2016+A1:2018.
  • Environmental reponsible by using recycled cardboard for packaging and simple desing with less amount of printing to reduce the de-inking polluting stage in the recycling process.
  • ecoSHIELD™ Eco Nitrile PF 250 gloves made from Nitrile to limit Type I allergy risks and offering twinSHIELD™ technology and AQL 0,25 for always better protection.
  • ecoSHIELD™ Eco Latex PF 250 gloves for those seeking "renewable" supply and a better comfort without compromising with protection as they offer AQL 0,65.
  • Category III PPE gloves:

    ecoSHIELD™ protective gloves are Category III PPE according to the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and as such are designed against the mortal and the irreversible risks. Only Category III PPE gloves are likely to offer laboratory personnel the necessary level of protection.

    ecoSHIELD™ gloves are also registered as Medical Device (MD) class I according to the MDR Regulation (EU) 2017/745.

    Brand signature: Green for general risk

    Laboratory gloves for general protection

    Latex gloves and nitrile gloves

    Non-sterile gloves

    Maximum comfort

    Compliance with the latest European standards

    Category III PPE gloves (PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425)

    Class 1 MDR (Regulation (EU) 2017/745)

    Extra length from 250 to 260 mm (ISO 21420:2020)

    Biohazard: ISO 374-5:2016

    Biosafety: AQL 0.25 or AQL 0.65 (ISO 374-2:2019 Level 3)

    Virus resistant (ISO 16604:2004 procedure B)

    Type B - Extensively tested for chemical permeation according to ISO 374-1:2016+A1:2018 (Test method EN 16523-1:2015+A1:2018)

    Reduced risk of allergies

    Double walled protection afforded by the twinSHIELD™ technology*

    Less packaging waste1, less ink, improved logistics1 & reduced storage*

    * ecoSHIELD™ Eco Nitrile PF 250 gloves only




    Medical devices

    Aeronautics and space


    Optics-Precision mechanics

    Solar-renewable energies



    Life sciences



    General industry


    Food industry


    Machinery and equipment

    Chemical industry


    Oil and gas