Multi risk

    Your first line of defence.

    SMARTLine™ brand offers a wide variety of single-use gloves solutions either for laboratory, general workplace, and cleanroom. Nitrile non-sterile gloves ultra-thin 0.08 mm with a 240 mm standard length for maximum sensitivity where the risk is minimised. Sterile Latex and nitrile gloves with extra length-cuff from 300 mm to 600 mm to protect the process in critical environments.

    To address workers and their working environments safety in laboratory, general workplace, and cleanroom


    SMARTLine™ nitrile and natural rubber Latex gloves brand is specifically designed to meet users’ expectations from laboratories to cleanrooms and beyond. SMARTLine™ disposable gloves adapts to diverse workplace needs with particular attention on the quality/cost ratio.

    Indeed, optimize purchasing process is a key issue for long-term profitability in many companies. That begins by a precise evaluation of the needs, the account taken in production constraints, the search of suitable packaging, level of traceability etc… before selecting gloves adapted to the activity. But that doesn’t mean however compromising with personal or process protection! For that reason, SHIELD Scientific created its SMARTLine™ gloves brand with a view to offer the best value for money with a high level of performance.

    Quality/cost ratio

    The price of a single-use glove depends on many factors: the performance to chemicals permeation, to microorganisms’ penetration or resistance to viruses, the level of cleanliness, the packaging, the material used and especially the thickness and length of gloves... The SMARTLine™ single-use gloves allow users to choose the best quality/price ratio according to the desired use and performance.

    Cleanroom gloves traceability

    As part of our mission to provide industry-leading performance, SMARTLine™ cleanroom gloves are supplied with Certificate of Conformance (CoC) and Certificate of Irradiation (CoI). These certificates include lot-specific data, detailing particles count and ionic extractables traces. For sterile gloves, comprehensive test data on endotoxin levels is also provided. Our SMARTLine™ sterile gloves undergo terminal sterilization through gamma irradiation, achieving a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6.


    For users wearing disposable gloves many hours per working day, comfort is often at the top priority of the criteria used to select gloves. Glove comfort is related as dexterity level to perform a task. Thus, SHIELD Scientific is constantly working with users to develop new technologies improving wellbeing without compromising protection against risks faced in laboratory and cleanroom environments. That’s why SMARTLine™ gloves are also microorganism resistant as demonstrated by an Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) 1.0 for sterile gloves and 1.5 for non-sterile gloves (according to ISO 374-2:2019).

    Diverse gloves solutions for diverse workplaces

  • SMARTLine™ gloves are CE marked according to the latest PPE EU Regulation.
  • Optimal quality and cost compromise as well as personal and process protection.
  • Free from pinholes: AQL from 1.5 to 1.0.
  • Gloves solutions either for laboratory, general workplace, or cleanroom environments GMP Grade A/B.
  • Sterile gloves length of 300/400/600 mm to prevent from human contamination and ease the forearms disinfection procedure.
  • CE marked PPE gloves:

    SMARTLine™ non-sterile gloves are PPE Cat III gloves according to the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and are also registered as Medical Device (MD) class I according to the MDR Regulation (EU) 2017/745. SMARTLine™ sterile gloves are PPE Cat I gloves according to the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

    All SMARTLine™ gloves meet the EN ISO 21420:2020+A1:2022 PPE gloves general requirements.

    Brand signature: Violet for multiple risk gloves

    Made from Natural Rubber Latex or Soft Nitrile

    Non sterile and sterile gloves

    Maximum comfort with our Skin Nitrile™ technology

    CE marked according to the latest PPE EU Regulation

    Easy opening packaging.

    Optimized thickness for enhanced sensitivity and protection

    Ambidextrous design and available in at least 5 sizes to ensure a perfect fit for all hands

    Free from pinholes: AQL from 1.5 to 1.0

    Sterile: DI washed, compatible with Grade A and B pharmaceutical requirements

    Extra-length (400/600 mm – 15.7”/23.6”) to meet your Contamination Control Strategy objectives (New GMP Annex 1)


    Cleanroom applications


    Life sciences

    General industry



    Machinery and equipment


    Oil and gas