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The slogan of our company SHIELD Scientific, a manufacturer of nitrile and latex disposable gloves, is “Compliance, comfort and protection”. The protection of laboratory and cleanroom workers has always been a key priority, whilst ensuring that we strictly comply with the current regulations and standards and without neglecting the comfort of the users of our nitrile, neoprene/nitrile or latex gloves. With this in mind, we created twinSHIELD™ technology which underpins all our SHIELDskin CHEM™ and SHIELDskin™ brand disposable gloves as well as our ecoSHIELD™ Eco Nitrile PF 250 laboratory nitrile glove, plus our ultra-clean shieldskin XTREME™ ORANGE NITRILE™ 300 DI […]