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    If Hands could speak: Managing glove associated reactions (Allergy)

    All of us in the laboratory have probably encountered personally or from colleagues skin reactions when wearing gloves. Indeed given the substantial increase in glove usage in the laboratory, the fact that the incidence of glove associated reactions has also risen should come as no surprise. To address these concerns, SHIELD Scientific has recently published an article “If hands could speak” in LABORATORY NEWS.

    The key learning points from “If hands could speak” are as follows:

    1. Indentifies the three reactions (Irritant contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis and Natural Rubber Latex allergy) encountered when wearing gloves
    2. Distinguishes between glove-associated and non-associated-glove reactions
    3. Provides guidance on action that can be taken to mitigate the occurence of glove-associated reactions
    4. Gives specific focus to Natural Rubber Latex allergy and highlights the importance of wearing low protein non-powdered natural rubber latex gloves

    At SHIELD Scientific, all of our gloves are subjected to rigorous controls to minimize the potential for glove associated reactions


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